Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jawbone #118: Bill Maynard And The Terror of Fu Manchu

Tonight's show features a friend of ours, Bill Maynard, who also happens to be an author of the upcoming book, "The Terror Of Fu Manchu",. Remarkably, Bill was able to get the rights from both the UK and US holders of the Fu Manchu estate. He has written a tale that fits easily into the classic history of the character and also introduces Fu Manchu to a new set of readers. Bill gives us a fascinating history lesson on the classic Sax Rohmer character and also shares with us some of his interesting tales regarding Pink Panther director, Blake Edwards. It's a great interview that gives insight into the creative process and is a great listen for anyone who has desired to write more than just fan fiction. Give it a listen!


To reach Bill directly to discuss the book (preferably agents and publishers). you can write to him here.
The Page of Fu Manchu
The Peter Sellers Appreciation Society
Blake Edwards

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