Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Jawbone #119: Interview with Dean Haglund of the X-Files

The Truth Is Out There. And tonight's it on episode 119 of Jawbone Radio. Interview month contnues on Jawbone. Thanks to loyal Friend Of Jawbone (FoJ), Dave Devries, we have this super cool interview with Dean Haglund of the X-Files. Fans may remember Dean as Ringo Langley of The Lone Gunmen, a group that Fox Mulder would go-to to get the "real" scoop on what's happening conspiracy-wise. We talk to Dean about his time on the X-files, his stand-up comedian background and also his invention called The Chill Pack. What are you waiting for? Download this puppy now!


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The X-Files Official Site
The Lone Gunman Official Site - Buy the DVD here!
Dean Haglund's Wikipedia Entry
Chill Pak Official Website

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