Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jawbone PME Fund: Update

Here's just a little update on the Jawbone PME Pledge Drive.

First off, thank you to everyone who has contributed to the fund. It certainly means a lot when people plop down their hard-earned cash to help us out. Thank you one and all. Through your contributions, we have raised close to $600.00 already. That means we are only about $200.00 away from our goal. I'm writing now to put out one more push for the drive. August is almost here and I'd like to secure the tickets sooner than later, as the longer we wait, the more expensive the tickets will become. I'm decided to kick in the final $100.00 toward our travel. That leaves us at a goal of $100.00! Pretty easy to reach. So, if there is any small donation you can give to get us to the final $100, it would be greatly appreciated. Everyone who contributes will get a real drawing by me, delivered to your home and also a chance to win a guest spot on an upcoming epsiode of Jawbone Radio.

Thanks again for all your support and donations. Words cannot express our gratitude. Hopefully we will be respresentin' at the PME at the end of September!

UPDATE: Oops. Math is wrong. It's actually close to $150 with my $100 kicked in. Right now we are at $631.00. Hopefully, this is not too much to ask. :(

UPDATE TWO: Randy from OK just emptied out his Jawbone Cuss Jar and his potty mouth got us to $700! Whoo! We are so close to going to Cali! Thanks Randy and everyone else. :)

UPDATE THREE: Thanks to some generous last minute donations, WE DID IT! We made enough money to go the California this September and to the PME. Thanks to everyone who donated:

Dave, Sebastian, Clinton, Matt, Tim, Jen, Neil, Annie, Shelly, Mignon, Jarrod, Randy, Rosemary, Bill and Knightwise. You guys are the greatest. On our next show, we will be raffling our the guest spot for an upcoming episode of Jawbone. Thanks again!