Monday, July 03, 2006

Link Dump: Round Up Of Random Weird Stuff Issue 8

Welcome to yet another issue of the Jawbone LD or "Link Dumps" as all the kids on MySpace are calling them. Here you'll find an array and compendium of things that will keep you surfing the inernets with the button and the mouse and the clicking and whatyouknow. Anyway, let's dump!


First off, just a reminder that the daily voting for the Podcast Awards has started. You can go every 24 hours and vote for Jawbone Radio in an array of categories. While you're at it, remember to send a vote for all the other shows on the Trypod Network. Oh, and just so you know, I think you're supposed to put our website address down for the Podcast URL and not our RSS feed. More clarification (hopefully) will come on that soon. Vote by using the little link on the sidebar. Oh, and tell about a million friends to do the same thing. :)

And an update to a previous post, Randy in OK's Jawbone Cuss Jar Fund is doing pretty well. If you consider dropping F-bombs doing pretty well. Here's what Randy has to say:
"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how the Jawbone cuss jar PME fund is doing. I messed up and dropped quite a few words that I should not have, but I think I saw improvement by the end of the week. Anyway there is currently $33.50 in the jar. I better go I just checked the security cameras and it looks like Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi are trying to steal the money. Hopefully, Darth and the Jawa will be able to hold them off. Die rebel scum."
You can see the latest updated picture of the Cuss jar here.


As an interesting addition to the PME Fund Drive, Brian of Coverville comes up with this idea:
"How about if the donators put up $5 or more, they could also include a phrase or comment, like "You know what would be great on your podcast? Monkeys!", or "I stopped listening to your podcast because of all of your racial comments.", and you'd print them all out and keep them in your pockets while in Ontario. Then, every time you met someone new, you'd pull one of the phrases out and read it verbatim. (Keeping your iRiver recording the whole time). It doesn't have to even be about podcasting. You could have phrases like "Want to see my tattoo of Ryan Seacrest?" or "Something smells like guava." The rules would be clear. You'd have to read the phrase verbatim, no matter how odd or embarrassing. And you'd have to record it and air it."
I like it! Sort of like a live Caption This. Eh, not really. But I still like it! The rules are, nothing insulting or vulgar (we do have some decorum). After that it's wide open. Every donation of $5 bucks gets a comment. So if you donate $10, you can write up to 2 comments. $25 gets you 5 comments. We will read them when we get out to Ontario, record them and air them on the show. So what are you waiting for? Start donating today!


Supermania is hitting an all-time high. Yes, folks. Superman Returns, but he's kind of a d*ck. This according to SuperD*ickery (sent via Dan) "a site that documents real comic book covers and panels that show Superman being a d*ck (along with other comic book oddities). You can browse the index that contains such diverse topics as racism, murder, fatherhood, fascism, cruelty to sidekicks and changes in modern language (it is important to note that if you were to look up the word "boner" in the dictionary, you would find out that it means a "blunder or an error")."


Dovetailing from Superman to Blazen Hazen, Ben provides this nice segue:
"So we go to Superman Wednesday at the Alamo Drafthouse (which, if you're ever in Austin, is the only way to see a movie.) Anyway, they do these odd little shorts and stuff before each show (ie Hindi Superman, cartoon clips of Superfriends.) So what happens to be on when we get in our seats? None other than Blazen Hazen and his Avg. Homeboy video. It was a thing of beauty seeing that huge P.O.S. on the big screen and everyone laughing at it."
Poor Denny. His last 3 minutes of 15 don't look to be a good one. But at least he had a cartoon made of him (via Doogtoons and Chad). That's gotta count for something, right?

Check out this awesome bedroom! Why didn't I think of this? Thanks Chad!


More Davd Brent. More Office. This is David's music video. Hilarious. Thanks again to Dan.

That's going to do it for link dump today. I've got more, but who really reads this anyway. Happy Birthday, America! Get out there and start grillin'.