Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Applebees' Second Chance

We do our first remote podcast from Applebee’s in Westlake. Were we too hard on the restaurant on a previous show by comparing its entrees to dumpster dining? Perhaps not. A loud foul-mouthed woman prompts an apology from the management and a scare of having my setup confiscated. We end up at the mall playing on coin-op vehicles and somehow that makes it all better. For best results, listen with headphones. It makes ALL of the difference.

Running Time: 29:28
"I need a shower."
Waiting for service.
Coconut Shrimp.
"That woman is wondering why you have a microphone."
Quick exit.
Apology from the management.
At the mall.
The Fun Bus.

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  1. My $.02

    Great show! Loved the kids!

    Sounds like dinner at the ballpark....good service, sub-par food and commentary by Marge Schott!

    The 5:00 rush you saw was the typical after-work drinkers. There are a lot of office buildings around there and it is fairly close to the highway as well.

    Westgate Mall is near where I grew up in Fairview Park. It had the first game room I ever went to during the 80's!

    It is sad that it is being leveled, but it is past its prime!

  2. I really enjoyed the "travelling music"!!!!! So L'il Rascals.

  3. What is the Podcaster's attraction to Applebees you ask? I pranked them at the end of my last show, too--I hope people don't think we are all selling out and secretly product-placing Applebees into our Podcasts....more Martinis over here, dammit!

    ~Great show, guys....

    Mr. X