Thursday, March 10, 2005

Jason and the Redemption

Man, this show was painful. Not only was it stressful since we were dealing with the first vocal critic of the show, but Garageband kept crapping out on me. I must have tried to record this show at least 30 times. I almost trashed the entire show, until I finally got it record just right. Was it worth it? You decide.

Tonight's show we have on a guest who openly criticized Jawbone for being "flat, third rate, and lame." Will we win him over in the end and convert him into a fan? Ah, we shall see...

SHOW NOTES: Running Time - 36:56
Fallout from our interview with Amanda Congdon.
Jason from DC doesn't like us.
Here are his comments
Len doesn't listen.
Don't do an interview format.
Five Questions.
We love Cleveland.
Champagne and kisses.
The Music of Sprial Band from Long Beach.

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1 comment:

  1. IMO, the beauty of Jawbone is that you're all over the board. From your basement, to podcasting, to this, to whatever, and back again.

    Cleveland Radio blows, since there's nothing going on here but people pissing about our sports teams that suck, the rotten economy and government mismanagement. There's nothing to niche into here, because it's all boring as hell.

    It's a nice foray into the outside world, keep up the good work and tell fatty i said 'hey'.