Monday, March 14, 2005

Coverville 61 and a half: Crafted With Love

We prove our buddy Jason wrong with this show and do a ubercool interview with the undisputed King of Podcasting.

SHOW NOTES: Running Time - 37:51
We speak to Brian Ibbot, the guy behind that show Coverville.
The Future of Radio.
Stump Brian.
Residents video.
Morning Zoos.
What to look forward to for a future installment.

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  1. hey cool,

    something for the car ride in!

    thanks guys!

  2. Hey great show. I am really a fan of the podcast format, and you guys pull it off well.

    My favorite podcast is certainly Coverville. And my least favorite has got to be Adam Curry. How can 50k people be interested in some washed up VJ doing his laundry? There is no accounting for taste. Now, a fat man in you basement? That is great radio.

    Oh, and Len, Applebees suck everywhere you go, not just in Ohio.


  3. The Residents' cover of "It's a man's, man's, man's world" is just the beginning of their list of covers!

    The Residents' album "Third Reich and Roll" is all covers/samples of songs from the 60's:

    You might also want to check out their American Composer's Series 1&2 [1 has the James Brown stuff]...

    ....along with The Residents Play the Beatles and The Beatles Play the Residents...

    ...and finally The King and Eye...

    ...and Nora....on a really weird related note....the Residents' friend and oft times guest star guitarist, Snakefinger, covered "The Model" by Kraftwerk....