Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Our Salute to the Fiftieth State (We Think)

Back in town for good and ready to hit the podcast road running. Hello to anyone finding our show from the Mobile Register in Alabama. We're glad you've joined us. Tonight's show is in honor of our one Hawaiian listener, Mick. Unfortunately, we do a hatchet job on his fair state. I can't even get the state number correct. Apologies abound.

SHOW NOTES: Running Time - 32:04
We welcome our friend Jim to our home studio.
Jim runs NTR:Nobbyradio - Our Live365 Station.
Apology for naughty talk.
Shout out to Mick.
Essential facts about Ohau.
Bean Ice Cream.
Hawaiian Holiday by Juggernaut Jug Band
Hawaiian Islands.

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  1. Red kidney beans sweetened in sugar syrup are a big dessert item in Japan. I have had red bean flavored ice cream several times, its delicious. I've also had vanilla ice cream on top of sweetened beans, like a sundae, Japanese style. You can buy the beans already sweetened, in a can, at asian grocery stores. (at least, you can here in FL) I've also had mung bean milkshakes at Vietnamese restaurants. One place near me makes a drink that is beans, strips of really stiff green jello, and fruit juice, that is oddly delicious.
    ~ Ijo

  2. They are Azuki beans and as promised I did ride in to Haleiwa and try them out. MMMMMMMBeans!

  3. You know, I would probably like the bean ice cream. I guess it would depend if it has bacon in it or not.

  4. Len, you should try asking next time you go out for sushi. A lot of Japanese restaurants around here offer red bean ice cream for dessert, as well as green tea or ginger ice cream.

  5. I've tried it. It's pretty good. Not at all as sweet as the stuff we put on ice cream though...