Saturday, March 05, 2005

We Built This Podcast on Chimps and Twinkies

SHOW NOTES: Running Time - 32:52
"Don't hate us because we're beautiful."
Wrap up of our Pee Dee Interview with our friend Roger.
Shout out to Wayne and Toby at The Lurid Lounge.
We Built This Starbucks.
Story from The Stranger in Seattle.
Starbucks Nation by Timpane.
Chimp maul owners at a birthday party in their honor. Hilarious.
Nora's tips for podcasters.

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  1. Hey Nora....did they make "chocolate chimp cookies" out of the attacking chimps?

    College flashback....sorry. But everytime I hear the word "chimp" I think of chocolate chimp cookies.

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  3. Hey, cool - you played my song!
    I should egosurf more.

    Seriously, it was really cool to see someone get it (some people say "wow, you must really like Starbucks" - and don't see its kind of about how we all rely on corporate popularity centralized on TV.

    Of course the song also postulates that the Unabomber got mad when he wasn't allowed on American idol, so he sent bombs out... but hey, thats fun!

    Okay, so, thanks.. and check out more stuff like it at